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What Are the Benefits of a High Protein Diet? 
When attempting to lose weight, adequate protein is essential to losing your FAT weight, while retaining your healthy lean body mass.

When on a reduced calorie diet, the body experiences a negative caloric intake, and it will compensate for this calorie deficit by taking from BOTH its fat stores and lean body tissue to maintain its energy requirements. This is both counterproductive and unhealthy! People must be concerned with losing their unwanted fat stores while dieting, and also preserving their lean body tissue. To accomplish this, protein supplementation is necessary.

As the body's "architect", protein plays a vital role in building and maintaining body structures, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, circulatory system, brain, immune system, skin and other organs.

These structures need a regular supply of "fresh" protein to build new cells. Unfortunately, when you cut calories to lose weight, you tend to cut protein-rich foods out of your diet. Without protein, your body tissues start to break down!

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Protein Supplementation Helps Preserve Your Lean Body Mass
(Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Circulatory System, Brain, Immune System, Skin and Other Organs) While Losing Unwanted Body Fat.

Taking a closer look, all protein consists of amino acids . When you eat foods (or supplements) that are high in protein, your body breaks down the protein into its amino acids and rebuilds them in specific sequences to form the structures it needs. However, your body can't make nine specific amino acids (called essential amino acids ), so it relies on your daily food intake for its necessary supply.

Protein Requirements When Dieting

People on a weight loss diet need much more protein during weight loss than they do if they are on a weight “maintaining” diet. One rule of thumb states that the protein need is between .55 and .75 grams per pound of ideal body weight. Therefore, someone with an ideal weight of 150 pounds would need at least 82 to 112 grams of protein each day. Studies show that in order to maintain nitrogen or protein balance (in other words, lean body mass) on a calorie restricted diet, an average woman must ingest at least 80-100 grams of protein a day. Otherwise, the body will lose fat AND lean body mass, with possible negative health and body composition consequences. Consistent intake of protein supplements on a daily basis, combined with a restricted calorie diet is essential for healthy weight loss .


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Types of Protein Supplements

The protein supplement you use to lose weight must contain adequate amounts of high quality protein, yet remain low in overall calories, carbohydrates and fat. In fact, high protein supplements will make NO difference with your weight loss unless taken in conjunction with a restricted calorie diet. Otherwise, the excess protein will be converted into fat just like any other energy source.

Also, the protein ingested must have adequate amounts of essential as well as non essential amino acids to be effective for weight loss, and to maintain (healthy) lean body mass. Essential amino acids, such as Tyrosine (a precursor of catecholamine) and tryptophan (a precursor of serotonin) are vital for consistent, comfortable weight loss. In fact, the serotonin from tryptophan has been shown to work on the satiety (hunger) center in the brain.

In Other Words, Consuming Protein Helps Create 
A Feeling Of “Fullness” While Dieting - So You Feel Less Hungry.

Another Protein BONUS: Protein, like carbohydrates, does supply calories, and therefore energy. Unlike carbohydrates, however, the body uses more energy to break down protein. Simply put, your body will burn MORE calories converting protein into energy than it would converting simple carbohydrates.

Protein Helps You Maintain A Higher Metabolic Rate While On A 
Reduced Calorie Diet Plan. The Result – More Weight (Body Fat) Is Lost.


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