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Cholesterol Support (90 ct) - Wonderlife

Cholesterol Support (90 ct) - Wonderlife - Rapid Diet Weight Loss Products Shop

Wonderlife Cholesterol Support Formula
90 Tablets Per Bottle

One in five Americans has some form of heart disease that remains undiagnosed. High cholesterol has proven to be one of the most significant promoters of heart disease, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease.

Wonderlife's Cholesterol Support* is a comprehensive blend of the essential B vitamins, Policosanol, plant sterols and other herbal ingredients that help balance cholesterol levels.

Though the body needs cholesterol to digest fats, make hormones, build cell walls and do other central tasks, too much cholesterol damages arteries. The "good" cholesterol circulates in the body as part of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). The "bad" kind circulates as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which carries cholesterol into the blood.

Studies suggest that, Policosanol may reduce LDL cholesterol by 25-30% during the first 8-12 weeks of therapy and increase HDL cholesterol by as much as 10 - 25%*.

Folic acid works closely with Vitamins B6 and B12 to control homocysteine levels. Folic acid and B12 help the body recycle homocysteine into methionine, while Vitamin B6 helps push another chemical reaction that breaks down homocysteine and flushes it out of the body through urine.

Plant sterols can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the gut by competing with cholesterol to get absorbed and transported into the body*.

Niacin plays an important role in ridding the body of toxic and harmful chemicals*.

Other key cholesterol supporting ingredients include:

Guggulipid contains a resinous compound called guggulsterone which that may be effective for reducing total cholesterol and triglyceride levels*. Garlic is a proven anti-oxidant that has been said to assist the heart by reducing cholesterol*.

We hope our commitment to helping you achieve optimum health is evident in our decision to offer a Wonderlife brand Cholesterol Support supplement that meets the highest standards of quality. We take pride in featuring products with the finest ingredients in the world, products which are laboratory tested and scientifically formulated for optimum support of your health. For these reasons, we believe that our Wonderlife brand of supplements has few rivals in the marketplace.

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Cholesterol Support (90 ct) - Wonderlife - Rapid Diet Weight Loss Products Shop

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Are you looking to lose weight rapidly? You may not or perhaps should not lose weight too quickly as this can be dangerous. If you lose weight too fast, it may be that you are not getting your recommended daily servings of the required food groups, meaning you may not be meeting all of your daily nutritional needs. This can lead to damage to your organs if this strict diet is for a prolonged period of time. Your best way to lose weight is with a gradual schedule of eating less calories, eating properly and getting regular exercise. Not to sound too cliche but, for real long term weight loss, it really does have to be a lifestyle change...period. It may not be what you want to hear but, it is the simple truth. If you go on a strict diet and lose weight, you will probably feel great for a short period of time. However, most dieters rebound and go back to their pre-diet weight and many dieters gain even more weight. This may be due to the fact that the dieter felt like they were either starving, lacking something or had nothing to satify any of their cravings. This is why it is very important to not feel depraved of food you love. It doesn't mean that you can eat everything for every craving you experience. Everyone knows that eating a full carton of ice cream is not good. Perhaps as a person looking to lose weight, you can try to make your portions smaller - as a start. The problem with eating sweet and fatty foods is that they are high in calories but, don't tend to fill up our stomachs as much as lower calorie foods. This means that even though you eat some junk food, you may still feel hungry and therefore, eat more. If you fill your stomach with high filler foods such as proteins and fibre (found in protein bars, meats, legumes, vegetables, etc.) you will probably be consuming less calories but, feel fuller so less likely to eat more - hence, consuming less calories overall.
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